Mason: Season 1

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It has been almost 2 months since Dangerwood Pictures released our pilot, Mason, to the world.  I am glad to say that we have received overwhelming support from fans and viewers alike from what we were able to produce.  During this down time we have been working to pitch Mason to agencies and production companies in New York and Los Angeles to create a public series on cable.  This request has mostly fallen on hard times and deaf ears, BUT we have decided to make it anyway.

The Season 1 scripts are being produced and we are working on creating a bigger and more rich story than even the pilot was and to really dig into the life of Samuel Westfall and the Masonic influences therein.  Our talented cast and crew is already bringing in more talented and experienced members to help flesh out our series and make it a true piece of entertainment for all.

With all that being said there is still one problem, with our small Pittsburgh based production company trying to self produce we need more funding to help us make Mason.  We will be looking towards doing another Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise money for production costs (and I can say most of it will be going towards costumes for our new characters and also to create variety with our established characters).  This campaign needs your help to make it truly successful, so I ask, when it does go public that everyone who wants to see this series succeed to please donate to the campaign and please encourage others to do the same.  We need you.


Thank you,

Simon Barracchini

Writer, Director, and Co-Producer – Mason


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