Mason: Coming Fall 2014

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Dangerwood Pictures presents: A fictional look into early American history and the secret players behind it.


Plot Outline
Mason is a suspenseful, historical drama pilot for television about a man named Samuel, a former scout during the American Revolution. After the war Samuel drinks a lot and has a great lack of personal care. That all changes when, attending the inauguration of George Washington, he stops a would-be assassin from killing the new President. This in turn reveals a plot to uproot the new American government from the top down by an Anti-Masonic movement led by Isaac Lawton. Samuel is recruited by his idol, Washington, to work in secret to discover the enemy plot and to personally take down those in his way. This does not sit well with Samuel at first, but he agrees to the task at hand. As events unfold and as Samuel digs deeper into the nature of the beast, he realizes Washington may be in more danger. It is up to their secret alliance to help keep the fledgling American government on its feet and not plunged into chaos.

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